Caption: At the Philadelphia shoot, from left to right: Mike Cappelletti, John Miller, Carmen Luliano, Bob Melso. (above)

Bobby Campbell is just one of the Nittany Lions who made a special trip to share his tale about the Joe We Know. Nearly seventy men traveled to 5 different cities in the northeast to tell their story about days in “The Grand Experiment” and how it has shaped their lives. The reunions at the sites were magical.

Nearly 70 forty minute interviews, 5 cities, in 12 days. “The Joe We Know” Crew took it to the streets to find out what men had done with the lessons learned during their time in “The Grand Experiment. Back roads, cheap motels, fast food, long hours and repeated set up and tear down of the film set. How did it happen?

The Film: The Philadelphia Shoot

January 17, 2012

Mike Cappelletti ’77 stepped forward to host the Philly shoot. Italians are famous for their hospitality, and Mike exceeded the high standard. It so happened, he engaged his Penn State network by contacting Bud Meredith, Jr, Manager, at the Crown Plaza Hotel in King of Prussia for the shoot location. Bud is the son of the legendary Bud Sr, long time Penn State sports ticket manager who is known and loved by thousands of former athletes and season ticket holders. The site was perfect and the welcome pure blue and white.

The speed of the entire project only permitted guys 36 hours to sign up for an interview following receipt of an email. Guys who missed getting a seat at one site were now politicking to get a seat at the next location. One interviewee keep a charter flight idling in order to participate, while another who called an hour after the deadline for Baltimore, jumped line for Philly. There were rumors of some arm wrestling for slots, but it could not be confirmed.

A real treat for men in Philly was to see Neil Hutton ’77 who had just published his first book titled, “From Multiple Sports To Multiple Sclerosis: Fighting The MS Battle – A True Story”. Neil is a special guy and favorite of team mates.

Not only was Cappy a great host, he debuted as an interviewer. Yep, he hopped in the chair and conducted several interviews of former players. The change in question cadence became pivotal in the project and footage from his interviews is used at critical moments in the film.

Joe never did recruit for one position, he looked for the best all-around athlete.

Photo Gallery

Below you’ll find some select photos from our Philadelphia shoot. (Click each photo to enlarge.)

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