Caption: Tim Freeman gets slated at the New York shoot. (above)

Bobby Campbell is just one of the Nittany Lions who made a special trip to share his tale about the Joe We Know. Nearly seventy men traveled to 5 different cities in the northeast to tell their story about days in “The Grand Experiment” and how it has shaped their lives. The reunions at the sites were magical.

Nearly 70 forty minute interviews, 5 cities, in 12 days. “The Joe We Know” Crew took it to the streets to find out what men had done with the lessons learned during their time in “The Grand Experiment. Back roads, cheap motels, fast food, long hours and repeated set up and tear down of the film set. How did it happen?

The Film: The New York Shoot

January 19, 2012

The 5th and final shoot location was New York City. Our site host was Greg Murphy ’75 – aka, Murph – the real Mayor of New York City.

It’s always nice to go home: The kid from Brooklyn was among the Ivy League’s best players in the late 1940’s and was certainly the best player on Rip Engle’s Brown University squad. He was the quintessential student athlete and aspired to be a lawyer like his father. Putting law school on hold to coach as an assistant at Penn State in 1950, he took over the head coaching position in 1966. He finished his 61 year body of work in teaching and coaching in 2011. The TJWK Crew arrived in his hometown to ask former players to share what they learned from him for a video to be presented at his belated birthday party.

The interviewees represent one of the most diverse collections of stories on the road tour. From great athletic success to personal challenges that each day require men to cling to lessons learned under Coach in order to stay in the light. The last interview of the day was Greg Murphy, one of Coach Paterno’s native New York City players. No one, absolutely no one could have imagined that Coach would passed away peacefully three days later without seeing the laughter, the respect, the courage, and the love his boys-turned-men wanted to share with him.

Turns out, he had the best seat in the house on February 18 for the Premiere of “The Joe We Know” – and he didn’t need his glasses to see the hearts of the “Men of The Grand Experiment”.

Black Shoes, Basic Blues, No Names on the Jerseys.

P.S. Coach, tell The Bear instant replay officials have determined we were over the goal line on second down in the 1979 Sugar Bowl!

Photo Gallery

Below you’ll find some select photos from our New York shoot. (Click each photo to enlarge.)

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