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The Film

Chuck Herd is just one of the Nittany Lions who made a special trip to share his tale about the Joe We Know. Nearly seventy men traveled to 5 different cities in the northeast to tell their story about days in “The Grand Experiment” and how it has shaped their lives. The reunions at the sites were magical.

Nearly 70 forty minute interviews, 5 cities, in 12 days. “The Joe We Know” Crew took it to the streets to find out what men had done with the lessons learned during their time in “The Grand Experiment. Back roads, cheap motels, fast food, long hours and repeated set up and tear down of the film set. How did it happen?

Cast & Credits

Psst! We’ve put their names under their pictures just for you!

tjwk-posterThe premiere of “The Joe We Know” occurred on February 18, 2012 for former players and the Paterno Family. The official marquee poster is at right; the premiere occurred at the State Theatre in State College, Pennsylvania. Twelve free public showings were permitted between Feb 19 – 29 for students and community members.

We hope you’re visiting this page out of curiosity – that perhaps you just took in a viewing of “The Joe We Know” and you’re trying to put a name to a face. Maybe you recognized an old friend or a former roommate. We think we might be able to help you. Below you’ll find a gallery of who’s who from the film – all of the cast members who appear in the documentary listed by order of appearance. “The Joe We Know” is still growing, and soon we’ll have more developed profiles of our cast members from the film as well as the Lions’ Tales. Until then, we’ve given you a photo and a name and you’ll have to take it from there. Whether you’re just curious, or hoping to reconnect with someone, we appreciate your interest in “The Joe We Know”. Keep checking back for more info – or join our email list via our quick contact form to receive weekly Lions’ Tales videos.

Cast Gallery

Below you’ll find the cast members of “The Joe We Know.” (Click each photo to enlarge.)

Film Credits

Director of Photography: Rick Brandt
Associate Producers: Bill Anderson, Dan Biondi, Michael Cappelletti, Joe Carlozo, Gary Eberle, Chuck Fusina, Todd Moules, Fred Ragucci, Steve Smear, Alex Wasilov
Written By: Dan Leri, Eric Porterfield
Produced By: Rick Campbell, Brad Scovill
Directed By: Eric Porterfield
Executive Producers: Bob Capretto, Dan Delligatti, Tom Donchez, Tom Giotto, Brian Hand, Dan Leri, Brandon Short, Ray Tesner
Audio Engineers: Alan Rose, Chris Younken
Edited by: Rick Brandt
Still Photography: Steve Manuel, Katelyn Rose, Ron Adelberg, Scott Johnson
Makeup: Meagan Brandt
Logo Design: Heidi Sporre
Production Operations: Michelle Hagan
Script Development: Sue Wilson-Porterfield
Slate: Grace Leri
Narration: Peter Thomas
Aerial Footage: Penn State Media Sales
Filming Locations: The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, University Park, PA & The Crown Plaza in King of Prussia, PA
Website Photography: Steve Williams, Melanie Kipp, Heidi Sporre, select film & website photography provided by Penn State University Archives
Production Assistance: Christian Heilman, Randie Leathe
Production Services: Patterson-Brandt, Inc.
Lions’ Tales Video Production Coordinator: Heidi Sporre
Lions’ Tales Video Production: Andy Colwell, Christian Heilman, Vince Chandler, Mike Barasch, Annie Richards

and Featuring The Men of The Grand Experiment.

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