Caption: Homecoming shower. (above)

Bobby Campbell is just one of the Nittany Lions who made a special trip to share his tale about the Joe We Know. Nearly seventy men traveled to 5 different cities in the northeast to tell their story about days in “The Grand Experiment” and how it has shaped their lives. The reunions at the sites were magical.

“The Joe We Know” Crew took it to the streets to find out what men had done with the lessons learned during their time in “The Grand Experiment. Back roads, cheap food, long hours and repeated set up and tear down. How does it happen?

Lions’ Tales from 1990-1999

The decade of the Web & Hip Hop

The 90s witnessed continued dominance of Penn State’s eastern competition like Syracuse, Boston College, Pitt, and Rutgers, while keeping their Bowl string alive by playing in the Blockbuster Bowl in 1990 and the Fiesta Bowl to cap the1991 season. Penn State played in the Fiesta Bowl six times and won every time. Joining the Big Ten in 1994, the team went undefeated with a 12-0 record and won the Big Ten Championship at the Rose Bowl in the first year of conference play. They defeated Oregon 38-20. The 90’s were marked with a consistent string of winning seasons and the establishment of a remarkable bowl record. The last bowl win of the 90’s coming against the Texas Aggies in the Alamo Bowl on December 28th. The final score was 24-0. The decade of the 90s began as an eastern independent and ended as a solid, competitive, respected member of the Big Ten Conference.

Video Gallery

Cast members who played from 1990-1999.

Lions’ Tales: Travis Forney 1997-99 from thejoeweknow on Vimeo.

Lions’ Tales: Brandon Short, 1996-99 from thejoeweknow on Vimeo.

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