Caption: Kicking team practice in September 1976. (above)

“The Joe We Know” Crew took it to the streets to find out what men had done with the lessons learned during their time in “The Grand Experiment. Back roads, cheap food, long hours and repeated set up and tear down. How does it happen?

Lions’ Tales from 1970-1979

The decade of disco & earth shoes

While the non-losing streak came to an end with back-to-back losses to Colorado and Wisconsin in the second and third games of 1970, Penn State teams went on to compile a remarkable 96 and 22 record to close out the decade, including a 12 and 0 season, a Heisman Trophy winner in John Cappelletti, 23 first team All Americans, 9 Bowl appearances, including the first of what was to become 6 Fiesta Bowl wins and a near miss in a shot at the National Championship.  Players continued to meet the Program’s student-athlete standards demanded as the decade produced 6 academic All Americans.  It was the decade of Greg Buttle, Lydell and Franco, Millen and Clark, Hufnagle, Skorpan, Bannon, Greg Murphy and Eddie O’Neil, Chuck Fusina Chris and Matt Bahr, to mention just a few.  The staff of assistant coaches, most of them hold-overs from Rip Engel’s tenure, remained intact and dedicated to the Penn State way. Men of the Grand Experiment continued earning the respect of Penn State alumni and football fans everywhere.  The Program’s legacy was evolving.

Video Gallery

Cast members who played from 1970-1979.

Lions’ Tales – Brad Scovill ’79 from thejoeweknow on Vimeo

Lions’ Tales: Mike Cappelletti ’77 & Rocco English ’77 from thejoeweknow on Vimeo.

Lions’ Tales: Chuck Fusina ’78 from thejoeweknow on Vimeo.

Lions’ Tales: Steve Smear ’69 & Phil LaPorta 1971-73 from thejoeweknow on Vimeo.

Lions’ Tales: Joe Carlozo, ’73 from thejoeweknow on Vimeo.

Lions’ Tales: Franco Harris, ’71 from thejoeweknow on Vimeo.

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